Aerial Surveillance Services

Leveraging on the advent of drone technology, we have been able to take our services to a new level for our customers. We provide aerial videography and inspection services for our customers on their assets.

Aerial Videography for Private Vessels

The experience of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) pilots is paramount in commercial flying. The Pilot and video operator work in pair to synchronise the work during the short timespan in a flight. Timing is a critical factor to the team as most subjects are in motion.

Our pilots have more than 200 hours of flight experience and possess the demanding technical requirements for the tasks. Strict safety and compliance to flight regulations are also the basic prerequisites of the pilots and operators.


The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) have stipulated a new set of guidelines on the operations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Operators of such drones for recreational or commercial purposes are required to adhere to the rules. In short, if a drone is flown within 5km radius of a restricted area, above 200ft height or weighing 7kg or more, it would require a proper permit from CAAS (Class 1 or Class 2 permit). Click the link for more information.

Aerial Inspections on Assets