About Us

AC Tesla Pte Ltd was founded by a team of Engineers for the purpose of providing professional services to the Electrical industry. Adhering to stringent electrical safety compliances and industry standards, AC Tesla provides customers with an assurance of safety and reliability in order to power their businesses. Based in Singapore, our Engineers and Technicians are all Energy Market Authority (EMA) certified Licensed Electrical Workers (LEW) Level 7, 8 and 9.

Behind the simple switch that turns on the lights. Behind the air-conditioner which provides you the cool air at your workplace. Behind the plug that powers up computer and internet. Behind your equipment and machines that need to operate to bring about customers and business. The next time before you turn on the switch, do remember that there are faceless Engineers who work behind the curtains, day and night, just to give you a peace-of-mind not only to your business needs but also to your personal safety.


AC Tesla team comprises a team of electrical specialists who are EMA qualified Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) of Levels 7,8 and 9. With its team of experts, customers can be assured of the most professional services on their electrical systems.

Being an advocate of a healthy and safe work environment, we are BizSAFE certified.