Licensed Electrical Worker


Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) Services

We provide services in the application and renewal of annual electrical licences with EMA for 400V, 22kV and 66kV power supply systems to commercial and industrial buildings. Our in-house professionals comprises LEW 7, LEW 8 and LEW9.
Prior to the licence renewal, our LEW Engineers would conduct routine inspections and provide recommendations to the building owners on the electrical systems.
We provide round-the-clock services to attend to sudden power outages to businesses and restoration of power supply.
We provide electrical safety evaluations, consultations and recommendations. Liaising with SP Power Grids and authorities for energisation and power supply matters is our business.
We provide expertise in the necessary paperwork submission to the relevant authorities for electrical supply approval.

Maintenance Servicing, Diagnostic Testing and Measurement

We provide manpower services for annual power shutdown and servicing of electrical High Voltage (HV), Low Voltage (LV) Switch boards, Oil and Dry-type Transformers, Generators and Chillers, etc. 
We provide services in measurements of power quality, harmonics, Infrared Thermography and Partial Discharge to determine the health quality of the overall system prior to the shutdown. Any faults detected may be rectified during the power shutdown routine.